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WFM Token Crowdsale

Masternodes Are Even More Exciting Than Mining!
Crowdsale Price 1 ETH = 16,000 WFMMC Tokens



Every day, developers launch new crypto coins.
Every day, crypto-enthusiasts invest in masternodes because masternodes generate rewards of up to $1,000 per day!

Today There Are:

Masternode Coins
Masternodes online
$1,274,065,223 /
179,817 BTC

Masternode worth
$146,377,319 /
20,653.60 BTC

24 hour volume
$2,561,160,807 /
361,553 BTC


Market growth rate is about 12%-18% monthly!

What are Masternodes?

What are Masternodes?

Masternodes are inexpensive computer servers, setup to serve the users of a particular crypto-currency. Masternodes are serving requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

They are responsible for enabling specific services that miners under proof of work cannot accomplish.

How Do Masternodes Work?

How Do Masternodes Work?

Much like proof of stake, masternodes rely on staking a certain amount of a given currency within the currency’s network.

To establish a masternode, you’d first need to buy a substantial amount of the currency

The Benefits of Masternodes

The Benefits of Masternodes

Masternode owners are paid from a mining block reward. That means - when someone "mines" a brand new block - the reward is split between a miner and owners of masternodes.

A reward (compensation) in the form of X-number of coins is deposited to Masternode Owner's e-Wallet every 12-72 hours automatically. Even on weekends and statutory holidays!

Problems Masternode Investors Face:

What problems do we solve?

Here are four major problems or bottlenecks that make investing in masternodes extremely and unnecessarily inconvenient:


No Marketplace For Investors To Safely Buy & Sell Masternodes.

Collateral coins must be bought on exchanges or directly from community members.

Masternode cannot be bought and sold as an intangible item.

It can only be sold as a pack of collateral coins.

We will change that by offering a management package for a modest fee of 1.5%


No Masternode Monitoring & Management System

There isn't a centralized masternode monitoring and management system capable of working with various masternodes.

The system that notifies masternode owner of the status, arrival of rewards, allows adding and updating masternode ownership information and more


Masternode Setup Process is Quite Complicated For An Average Investor

From converting fiat currency to the Bitcoin...

From buying a collateral pack of coins to launching a masternode...

All the way to renting (and using) Windows VPS or Linux VPS to launch a masternode.

And then, installing updates or additional scripts


There is a Chance of Falling Victim to a Dishonest Transaction

Besides all the dishonest people,
there are also risks like:

Sudden drops in coin's price (therefore masternode's profitability);

Getting involved with a "dead" coin;

Base buying or selling decisions on emotions or fake news;

and more, much more - poison investors' experience every day

Our Solution

Masternode Marketplace

Masternode Marketplace

Develop and support a marketplace where investors can buy and sell master nodes using our token

Sellers can list their Live Masternodes - fully functioning reward-generating masternode, managed by WFMMC.

Sellers can also list Collateral Coin Packs - the amount of coins that are required to launch a masternode plus a few coins to pay for a transaction.

Masternode buyers can buy a Live Masternode or Collateral Coin Pack in 2 clicks. They don't need to understand or perform complicated set up and maintenance in case.

Proceeds from the sale can be used within the platform to buy another masternode or transferred to an external wallet.

Masternode buyers can host their masternodes with WFMMC and get full-service managed masternode services for a very modest fee of 1.5% (one and a half percent) of a masternode reward.

Free Masternode Management & Monitoring Platform

Free Masternode Management & Monitoring Platform

Develop and support a masternode management/monitoring platform capable of deploying a masternode, shutting it down, monitoring masternodes as servers and as pieces of blockchain whereby parameters like masternode status on the blockchain network

Provide access to the masternode management/monitoring system for free to individual masternode owners. That will make us known among masternode owners and investors.

Fully integrate Masternode Marketplace with free masternode management/monitoring tool so masternode owners can easily list their masternodes or collateral coin packs for sale

Educate and Automate

Educate and Automate

Automate masternode setup to 2 or 3 clicks by integrating in-house developed software with a cloud hosting provider so the masternode investor can focus on keeping records of profits, not how to get and manage a masternode

Offer daily unbiased analysis of a masternode vertical for various crypto coins

Show performance of various masternodes on a chart so the masternode buyer can make an informed intelligent decision which masternode is worth investing into

Maintain chat channels (or any other mean of communication) where masternode buyers can share their knowledge and help each other

Educate and Automate

Educate and Automate

Popularize master nodes via social media and content marketing

Create and distribute a weekly newsletter that highlights new and fading trends

Publish interviews with crypto coin developers and industry experts who may (or may not) shed light as to what's happening behind the curtains

Notify the community of potential scams and fraudsters


World's First Masternode Management Company had issued a total of 100,000,000 WFM tokens. Here's our breakdown of the total WFM tokens that are being issued:

# Token Holder Number of WFM Tokens % of Total WFM Tokens
1 Private Sale 20,000,000 20%
2 Marketing Fund 5,000,000 5%
3 Team 30,000,000 30%
4 ICO/ Private Investors 45,000,000 45%
TOTAL 100,000,000 100%

WFM Token Implementation

The WFM token is based on the ERC20 token standard.

Token Usage

WFM token and the blockchain will be used to provide the following services:

  1. Proof of masternode ownership - keep buying/selling transaction in the blockchain
  2. Payment method on the Marketplace platform
  3. Masternode rating system - will present our own masternode rating board where investors could see masternodes worth investing in.

Crowd Sale Initial Coin Offering

The private sale stage will take place on our web site from July 26, 2018 to August 31, 2018.

We offer 20,000,000 WFM tokens in exchange of 1,250 ETH coins with a discount of 29.7% off the ICO token offering price.

The exchange rate is 16,000 WFM tokens for 1 ETH.

Soft cap: 300 ETH / 4,800,000 WFM

Hard cap: 1,000 ETH / 20,000,000 WFM

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO will take place on our platform and/or on the crowd funding platform.

Period: from September 1, 2018 to October 16, 2018.

We offer 45,000,000 WFM tokens in exchange of 4,000 ETH coins.

The exchange rate will be 11,250 WFM token for 1 ETH.

Hard cap: 4,000 ETH / 45,000,000 WFM

To further strengthen the security of the WFMMC platform, we will grant 1% from the reserve of the total WFM tokens to the white-hat hackers who find a bug on our platform.

Road Map

WFMMC Strategy for 2018-2019



Researching and evaluating opportunities masternode investment opportunities

Studying and analyzing the earning potential behind various crypto-coins that are capable to run masternodes

Launching various masternodes to assess the profit possibility

Conducting interviews to assemble the Dream-Team


Assembling of the core team is completed

Developing a web site and the White Paper

Developing a User Interface and project scope

Raise funds via a private token sale


Start the development of an Alpha Version of the Masternode marketplace platform

Begin coding the free masternode monitoring and management tool

Build and launch a first batch of a pool of 100+ masternodes — company's financial heart

Engage in multiple community-building activities

Start popularizing masternodes via blogging and content marketing


Release Alpha Version of the Masternode monitoring and management tool

Release an Alpha Version of a masternode marketplace

Start B2B marketing campaign of the masternode rapid deployment and management services to blockchain companies that need masternodes

Build and launch a second batch of a pool of 100+ masternodes — company's financial heart

Continue popularizing masternodes and building community



Get the WFMMC token listed with 1-2 crypto currency exchanges

Carefully monitor feedback about user's experience, performance and expectations of Alpha versions of the Marketplace Platform and Free Monitoring and Management Tool

Implement necessary changes and bug fixes

Keeping the "buzz" on by blogging and promoting masternodes


Expand company's activities into providing more fee-based analytical and advisory services to new and existing users

Release Beta version of the Masternode Marketplace platform

Release Beta version of a free masternode monitoring and management tool

Achieve a milestone of having 10,000 masternodes monitored and managed by company's software


Listen to user's feedback make necessary updates to the Marketplace platform and Free Monitoring and Management Tool

Achieve a milestone of managing 300+ masternodes in the company's pool of msaternodes

Hire more smart people to do more smart things that will help masternode investors achieve their goals

Test out customer acquisition campaigns with paid media based on all the customer education done in previous quarters


Increase the number of crypto currency exchanges where the WFFMC token is listed from 1-2 to 2-4

Evaluate new growth opportunities in new areas of the cryptocurrency universe. Opportunities we're not aware of today

Be on our way of becoming a recognized #1 Masternode Marketplace in the World


ICO Calendar

Coming Up

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-08-31 2018-10-16 450000000 Token 0.04 USD

Our Awesome Team

People Who Make It Happen:

team memeber


Max is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He's is a digital marketing veteran. Max has enormous hands-on experience planning and executing various projects starting from user acquisition campaigns for various products and services all the way to managing marketing projects from start to finish. Max's greatest passion is "making things work". He's responsible for executing the Development Roadmap as well as automation the WFMMC platform.
team memeber


Aurel is a Co-Founder and Chief Cryptocurrency Officer. He has been involved with crypto currencies from 2013. Starting with just 1 miner Aurel was able to grow operations to 50+ miners and sold the company at its peak. Aurel still trades crypto currencies and keeps up with news and updates. Aurel is responsible for maintaining corporate trading accounts, acquiring coins, researching profitable opportunities, exploring potential opportunities and everything else relate to crypto currency.
team memeber


Michael is a co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company. He's a true veteran of the performance marketing industry where he had helped numerous companies sell millions of dollars of their products and services. Michael has executed and managed multiple successful digital lead generation marketing campaigns. He's extensive knowledge, expertise and understanding covers the development of marketing materials (landing and pre-sell pages, pre-roll and banners), lead nurturing, campaign optimization on all levels.
team memeber


Alex is Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He's a Sr. Systems engineer with 20+ years of experience in Unix/Linux system administration. He has been involved in various Cloud Computing projects which required systems and network infrastructure planning, design and implementation with some of the well-known and recognized Fortune 500 companies. Alex is responsible for everything related to the technical implementation of a masternode pool as well as developing and implementing masternode monitoring and management automation solutions.
team memeber


Kiryha is a Product Manager. He has 20+ years of experience in Computer Graphics field (CG), lately focusing on developing CG production tools with Python. Kiryha has built from scratch a CG animation department in the animation studio where he managed all aspect of design and successfully managed the production of the first Ukrainian CG animated feature film. Kiryha responsible for defining features and functions of a Marketplace and Monitoring Tool as well as overseeing the production and maintenance of the tools.
team memeber


Oleg is a Web Developer's Team Lead. In the past 10+ years Oleg has managed various teams for numerous projects that involved Search Engine Optimization as a part of web development. He manages the web development team ensuring that the team carries out development, testing, planning, maintenance and continuous improvement of various systems. We like him because he shares openly and authentically with others regarding personal feelings, opinions, thoughts, and perceptions about problems and conditions.
team memeber


Oleksandr is a competent Project Manager and a Back-End developer. Not only he knows a lot about things like mathematical simulations, research of Stochastic processes, Markov fields and stuff like "parameter evaluation" he has a PH.D in philosophy, mathematics and computer science. Oleksandr "owns" problems rather than blaming them on others. His unique experience includes management and successful launch of several mid- to large- scale software projects.
team memeber


is an experienced Front-End Full Stack Developer who had been involved in a few interesting projects that involved working with Oracle and JavaScript. Anna is capable of using her knowledge and ability to take a concept and turn it into a finished product. She always understands and is committed to team objectives. She speaks Java8, Spring, Tomcat, Jersey, Docker, Hibernate, Oracle, Postgresql, ES6, ReactJS, Angular.
team memeber


is one of those Front-End Full Stack Developers who could take a concept and code it into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Being full stack developer lets Dimitriy spread his wings, test out different technologies, and offer alternative, uncommon solutions to project he works on. Dimitriy is very passionate and strives to better himself as a developer and a human being.
team memeber


Emirali is a senior Back End Java Engineer. One of the cool thing's he's got is a degree in Applied Mathematics. Emirali has an extensive development background in enterprise-scale application from concept to a fully deployed project. Emirali has written code for one of the top private banks in Ukraine. We love Emirali because he's 100% transparent at what he does and knows, tells no horror stories and is always cool when asked for help.
team memeber


is a Social Media and Project Support Manager. She has a background in crypto products and services and has played an integral role in a number of startups. Vlada got into crypto through experience with a crypto based company providing mining solutions, and has since continued to be involved in the blockchain scene. She is responsible for creating valuable content and interacting with the community.

Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to e-mail [email protected] to ask relevant questions

What is a masternode?

Masternodes are computers that run a cryptocurrency wallet. These nodes keep a full copy of the blockchain data and make decisions within a blockchain network. But masternodes are considerably different in their functionality than normal nodes and are an essential part of a modern crypto network or provides benefits for the network.

What does it take to run a masternode?

A masternode investor needs a minimum amount of coins of a particular crypto ("collateral coin pack"). The amount varies for the individual crypto-coins. You also need a server that runs 24/7 and a dedicated IP address and technical know how to set it all up. WFMMC takes care of everything for you if you want to have a one-stop place for your masternode management

Why do investors want to run masternodes?

Masternodes can be an interesting (and very lucrative) short-term (or long-term) investment. Depending on the coin, a certain percentage of block rewards are split between the masternode owners. Masternode can be a GREAT source of passive income.

How much does a masternode cost?

Every masternode is a different story. There are masternodes ranging from just over $500 to $500,000+. (Remember - you can only pay for masternodes with an equivalent in crypto coins)

Are you guys for real?

Well, we are all real people. We eat breakfast, go to work and hug our children when we get a chance. We're a group of middle-aged professionals who know what they are doing. All have worked for years, honing our skillsso here' at WFMMC, we want to serve the community of masternode-investors for years to come.

Why should I trust you with my Ethereum?

You should trust us with your Ethereum because we will actually do what we say we will do. The purpose of the WFMMC company is to develop and support a number of tools for masternode investors. That's the plan. And, in the meantime, build another good company for people to work at.

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